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 Official Tournament Rule and Forum

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PostSubject: Official Tournament Rule and Forum   Official Tournament Rule and Forum EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 2:36 pm


General Rules:

- The official language is Inglés forum, so we are asked MOST users care about this, try writing without abbreviations so other users That Make Them Easier to translate.
- Messages do not expect perfect or excellent grammar of our users, but They appreciate it When writing a message make sure That others come to understand what information you want to share.
- We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

Tournaments Rules:

- The tournament made in this Forum, Officials are, so we thank you read the rules for leading a better organization.
- Any member who is Participating in a tournament and Violates the rules in the forum, may be disqualified from the tournament, and may Also be banned. If the member Continues to violate rules These Established in the forum, will bring a definitive ban.

GameZer Billiards Rules:

- This forum is designed specifically on the subject of GameZer postiar not be otherwise than on the same subject or newsworthy

- Users are allowed to freely postiar all topics (the ones that are denied are closed).

- It is forbidden spam and flood otherwise all your points will be eliminated remember this is a forum not a chat.

- Users can not place the avatar, an image containing some of these terms (Admin, Forum Moderator or Owner) also nothing obscene or pornographic

- The user can upload free mind any firm as long as the image does not exceed 400 pixels wide and 220 pixels high and are not not hold type gif and obscene things that might affect other users of the Forum

- The records in any tournament only be performed personally [is required]

- Insults to people outside the Forum GameZer Billiards has nothing to do with us unless it is insulted in a tournament that is taking place in the same forum will be warned and may become vetoed Banneado or to participate in other tournaments forum

- Insults by (messenger, skype, face.) Or otherwise, are not taken into account as claims in the forum, unless you are in a room insults GameZer: claims will be considered and will have a duration of response of maximum 48 If the claim is not enough evidence will not be taken into account pray

- Because of the rules or requirements that are posted here are thanked for users GameZer Billiards Forum please respect them so that the championships are played with harmony, peace, and not present any kind of discomfort, in the union and Education is the only force asked to respect the forum distracted and get along with each other.

- Have any noncompliance with the Rules must present evidence in forum Capturing pantaya [Photo-Video] otherwise your complaint will not be taken into account

- The main objective of the Forum is Billiards GameZer entertain you and make a single community, create a community aware that we can create new friendships, fun, and respect for all members as brothers and sisters. In this case, we have established the rules and instructions in the hope that they are respected and followed for the benefit and comfort of all. We are all one family, and we are willing to build mutual respect between members of the Forum always GameZer Billiards - Welcome to new members!

- Remember to invite your friends (a) of the Family GameZer Billiards for the community every day have a higher growth through ATT: Administration.


GameZer Billiards Rules:

- Este Foro esta diseñado específicamente sobre el tema del GameZer no se puede postiar otra cosa que no sea sobre este mismo tema o de interés informativo

- Los Usuarios Estan Permitidos a postiar libremente en todos los topics ( Los unicos denegados son los que estan cerrados ).

- Esta totalmente prohibido spam y flood de lo contrario todos tus puntos acumulados serán eliminados recuerden que esto es un foro no un chat.

- Los usuarios no pueden colocar de avatar, una imagen que contenga algunos de estos terminos ( Admin, Moderator o Forum Owner ) tampoco nada obsceno ni pornografico

- Los usuario pueden cargar libre mente cualquier tipo de firma siempre y cuando la imagen no pase de 400 pixeles de ancho y 220 pixeles de alto y que no sean tipo gif y no contengas cosas obscenas Que pueda afectar a otros usuarios del Forum

- Los Registros En Cualquier Torneo Solo se deben realizar personalmente [Es obligatorio]

- Los insultos a personas fuera del Foro GameZer Billiards no tiene que ver con nosotros amenos que sea insultado en Un torneo Que se esté realizando en el mismo foro Sera Advertido y podrá llegar a ser banneado o vetado para participar en otros torneos del fórum

- Los insultos por (messenger, skype, face.) u otros medios, no son tomados en cuenta como reclamos en el Foro, amenos que sean insultos en una sala GameZer: los reclamos serán tomados en cuenta y tendrán un tiempo de duración de respuesta de máximo 48 Si el reclamo no tiene las suficientes pruebas no será tomado en cuenta oras

- Dada una de las Reglas o requisitos que aquí se postean se les agradece a los usuarios del Foro GameZer Billiards por favor respetarlas para que asi los campeonatos se jueguen con armonia, paz y no se presente ningun tipo de incomodidad, en la unión y la educación esta la fuerza solo se pide que respeten el foro se distraigan y se lleven bien unos con otros.

- Cual quier incumplimiento con las Reglas debes presentar en el Foro evidencia Captura de pantaya [Foto-Video] de lo contrario tu queja no sera tomada en cuenta

- El principal objetivo del Foro GameZer Billiards es entretener a usted y hacer una sola comunidad internacional, Creamos una comunidad consciente de que podemos crear nuevas amistades, divertirse, y el respeto a todos los miembros como hermanos y hermanas. En este caso, hemos establecido las normas e instrucciones con la esperanza de que sean respetados y seguidos en beneficio y comodidad de todos. Somos todos una familia, y estamos dispuestos a crear un respeto mutuo entre los miembros del el Foro siempre GameZer Billiards - Bienvenidos a los nuevos miembros!

- Recuerda Invitar a tus amigos(a) hacer parte de la Familia GameZer Billiards para que la comunidad cada dia tenga un mayor crecimiento gracias ATT: la Administracion.

Official Tournament Rule and Forum Sin_ta10

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Official Tournament Rule and Forum Vip_he10
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Official Tournament Rule and Forum
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